yesWhat would your life look if you were finally free from the emotional pain that’s been weighing you down and causing you to hold onto that extra weight?

How would your life be if you finally let go of the unnecessary fears, guilt, limiting beliefs and traumas holding you back from your true potential. 

Physical pain and extra weight causing you discomfort?  Studies show that most physical pain is closely linked to emotional pain.  Desensitizing that emotional pain will free you from that physical pain.  Might even get you a good night’s sleep!

I can help you finally get those long- lasting results.  

toolboxWith all my years of training and my own emotionally heavy past, I have a very powerful toolbox loaded with modern methods to help you get the results you so desperately want.  Looking through the eating psychology window, we see that it’s not only the food we eat – it’s more about the person who’s eating the food.  I offer unique, emotionally-wounded individuals hope and compassion and emotional freedom by exploring who they are NOT what they eat. 

What’s in your emotional bag that needs some attention so you can finally lighten your heavy load?

I provide a safe place for you to share your weight loss frustrations, limiting beliefs, painful past, uncertain future and that heavy emotional baggage that keeps you from a life you want so badly.  Rather thanhope peace love rocks looking at your nutritional plan, we gently work on your personal plan.  We look at what’s not working in your personal life – outside stressors, inner critic, painful past, beliefs and limitations  With the help of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), we neutralize and desensitize all the emotional and physical pain that is causing your discomfort.

I offer a methodical path of energy healing, EFT and am fully trained to share the benefits of looking through psychology of eating window. Together, we’ll gently take a peek at what’s not working and how these practices can support your goal of a life free of body shame, chronic dieting, people pleasing, stress and limiting physical pain.  Methodically, we will get to the mystery of why all those diets and food plans haven’t been working.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT or tapping is a collection of self-help techniques that are used to restore balance within the mind, body and spirit.

While tapping on certain points on the body and focusing on an emotional event, struggle or emotion, individuals are able to rapidly clear the emotional impact of past experiences, traumas, incidents that trigger emotional and physical distress.  Once the distress is reduced, removed or reframed, the body can rebalance itself and begin healing.

Benefits of EFT

bullet-3_1It reduces stress, trauma, negative emotions, physical and emotional pain. 

bullet-3_1It calms you so you can think more clearly about your many options and opportunities.

bullet-3_1Most of our physical pain is caused by emotional pain blocked within our nervous system.

bullet-3_1It gets to those core issues and beliefs that keep us stuck in our painful story.

If I can do it, so can YOU!

Through the cutting-edge approach of the psychology of eatingworking with my own EFT practitioner and dedicating my time and energy to healing by self-practicing EFT, I learned how to create a healthy lifestyle by:

windowClearing emotional traumas from an unhealthy childhood through tapping.

Slowing down with my food and with my life

Gently embracing my body with its imperfections, flaws, compassionate heart, trusting soul, beautiful qualities that me ME!

Letting go the “diet” mentality of eat less, exercise more86026_HEAL_LOGO_SP_FB_COVER (1)

Releasing those unwanted behaviors and no longer served me.

As a result, I’ve maintained a 40-pound weight loss for over two years for the first time in my life.  

So…I ask YOU…

Are you ready to try something new and different?  

You’re tried everything else, why not try this!

Schedule your free EFT session now!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a safe place to share your story with someone who cares deeply and who’s walked that road too… Schedule a free session.


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