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How would you like to learn how to address your weight WITHOUT DIETING?


I know how you feel, those damn points and forbidden calories you’ve counted over the years exceed our national debt figures…


The intense, grueling exercise programs which I know you love as much as that high school gym class.


AND STILL, you’ve never gotten the results you’ve so desperately desire.


Are you sabotaging your own weight?


If youlibrary books’re anything like me, you’ve purchased more diets books than an actual library can hold.  There they rest on the shelves gathering dust just like that treadmill you swore you were going to use every morning…or how about that Bowflex that was going solve ALL your weight loss problems.



You’Untitled designve gained and lost more weight over the years than you care to share.  Self-hatred and body shame accompany you every day.  I know every morning as you’re running out the door, you think…Do I have everything?  My keys, my phone, my body shame, my judgment.  Oh wait, I forgot my perfectionism…okay, good, now I’m good to go.


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This is me before I put down my heavy emotional suitcase.

I totally understand what you’re going through because I’ve been there too.

I understand the frustration, the self-loathing, the body shame, the pain of watching all those “skinny” people out there living the life I wanted to live.

Believe me, I get what it’s like to be limited by all that extra weight

I personally now how damaging it is when you’re so excited to go out to have dinner with THAT skinny, put-together friend, but you absolutely HATE how your jeans fit or dare I say how they don’t fit.

My self-esteem and confidence were gone somewhere around my 13th birthday, and it wasn’t until I let go of dieting a few years back, that I began to repair my relationship with myself and the belief that the size of body determined the size of heart.


How would you feel to FINALLY get the Healthy Body You’ve Always Wanted


And this my husband and me AFTER we picked up our new healthy lifestyle. Joe had just run his first half-marathon.

And this my husband and me AFTER we picked up our new healthy lifestyle. Joe had just run his first half-marathon.

Through the cutting-edge approach of the psychology of eating, I learned how to create a healthy lifestyle by:

Slowing down with my food and with my life

Gently, embracing my body with its imperfections, flaws, compassionate heart, trusting soul, beautiful qualities that me ME!

Letting go the “diet” mentality of eat less, exercise more

Releasing those unwanted behaviors that were preventing me from getting the body I so desired

Putting down my emotional suitcase that was jammed packed with an emotionally-unhealthy past.

Teaching me exactly how stress is causing me to hold onto the weight even while dieting.


With ttrinity-heart-colorhese healthy lifestyle changes, I am able to enjoy the journey to a 40 lb weight loss which I’ve maintained for some time now.  FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! — I allow myself the space I need to transform into the person who enjoys simple, pleasurable movement, nourishing food, relaxation, trusting my own body wisdom and growing into my best self ever.  

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As YOUR eating psychology coach and with this proven cutting-edge approach of the trinity-heart-colorpsychology of eating, I can help you reach YOUR perfect weight, help YOU transform your relationship with food and YOUR body as well escort YOU down the path to your best self EVER!


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You do the same thing over and over again and you expect to see results…


How’s that working for you?  Seeing the sustainable results you’d like?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach optimal health  AND repair your relationship with food and your body?


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